Bury Drop In and Bin Twinning…

Bury Drop in

Bury Drop In has seen a high rise in the number of people requiring their help. Although they have not been able to run face-to-face sessions since April, they have been able to provide alternative services to guests including:

  • a text and call service to keep in regular contact with guests
  • preparation and delivery of hot food twice a week
  • donations of essential items including white goods
  • emergency referrals for food vouchers.

Bin Twinning

is a new initiative of the Toilet Twinning charity, Tearfund, that Ixworth has supported previously. A small contribution towards the £45 it costs to Twin a Bin will always be much appreciated at Bintwinning.org

large bins… whatever you wish…
Small bins….



  • In the world’s poorest countries, 2 billion people are living among mountains of waste, simply because nobody collects it.
  • At least a third of the world’s waste is dumped in the open, or burnt. 
  • A person dies every 30 seconds from diseases caused by plastic pollution and rubbish.

Bin Twinning funds social enterprise projects in these countries to collect rubbish, dispose of it safely and recycle as much as possible. They are also aiming to make the local people more aware of the link between waste pollution and ill health.